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Gone: Catastrophe in Paradise

A mass of European and American tourists descend on an idyllic tropical island for the holiday of a lifetime. Within hours, hundreds are dead. What happened? The true story of one of history's most tragic and shocking which aviation, terrorism, a sudden change in the weather and plain old bad luck made for a ruinous mix. This gripping novella length work unravels the mind-boggling facts of this catastrophe as a compelling, action-packed and haunting tale of the human condition that will have you turning the pages to the very end.
Blackwing Press.
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Murder by Increments

The true story behind one of the most heinous cases of serial sex homicide in history. One after another, the naked, strangled bodies of women who have been raped, sodomized and tortured turn up besides suburban roads and freeways. When suspicions emerge that the suspect is a rogue cop, all hell breaks loose. The massive taskforce self-destructs in a grotesque orgy of politics, confusion and scapegoating. Finally, an arrest in the strangling murders of two co-eds across state leads to a break in the case…but the mild-mannered suspect remembers nothing about the crime of which he is accused. After probing the man’s background and conducting tests, his attorney and a team of psychiatrists are convinced this is no lust killer, but a deranged man tormented by an alter personality, the sinister sexual sadist “Steve”. But what if “Steve” is the final triumphant charade in a psychopath’s lifelong career in deception? None are prepared for the slippery journey through the dark mazes of this man’s mind to unlock the door to justice.

This darkly intense work is a meditation on mind and the ultimate nature of evil. Exploring police culture and corruption, the commercialization of sex, and the frailties of law and order in the face of prejudice and human fallibility, it revisits a notorious but largely forgotten case for its contemporary meaning.
Coming in late 2017. 

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